Apologetics in 3D: Essays on Apologetics and Spirituality

Due to be published by Wipf and Stock later in 2021, this collection of papers and other materials from English philosopher Peter S. Williams develops a holistic vision for Christian apologetics centred around a biblical understanding of spirituality. Grounded in two decades of practical experience, this book offers a vision of apologetics that’s interested in communicating through beauty and goodness as well as logic and arguments.


Here are the original publication versions of three chapters from Apologetics in 3D

Apologetics in 3D: Persuading Across Spiritualities with the Apostle Paul (Theofilos, 2012:1)

A Pre-Modern Reflection Upon the Modernist Foundations of Postmodernism (Theofilos, 2015:2)

The Apologetics of Cultural Re-Enchantment in 3D (Theofilos, 2019:1)

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Peter S. Williams, Apologetics in 3D (2018)

Peter S. Williams, Understanding the Cultures of Atheism (2018)

Peter S. Williams, Spirituality, Apologetics & Discipleship in 3D (2019)

Peter S. Williams, Preaching for Spiritual Formation: Luke 7:36-50 (2021)

Peter S. Williams, Composing: From glory to glory


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