A Thinking Fan’s Guide To Doctor Who

A book about the cult TV series Dr Who, focusing on the then new 2005 BBC series written by Russell T. Davies & starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. This book analyses the new series, while also acknowledging the history of the show & building bridges from one to the other. The book also looks at Dr Who from a Christian perspective, asking what the underlying values of the show are and how these compare with a Christian worldview.


Praise for Back in Time: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Doctor Who

‘Fascinating and intelligent – a must for anyone who’s ever considered the why of Who’ – Rob Shearman, scriptwriter on the 2005 series of Doctor Who

‘As fans, the authors clearly know their stuff… The account of the development of the Daleks as a metaphor for various cultural terrors, from 1963’s atomic Nazis to 2005’s religious zealots, is splendid, and similar gems (including an examination of the Doctor’s attitude to violence, killing and self-sacrifice) are scattered throughout… the style is very readable, and leavened helpfully with humour.’ – Philip Purser-Hallard @ www.surefish.co.uk

‘This is a fun book for fans of the Doctor who want to go further into the programme’s history, its trivia and its big questions of God, the Universe and what it means to be human.’ – Dr. David Wilkinson, author and lecturer in science & theology at the University of Durham

‘A good read for fans, and even better read for those who want a different slant on the Christian story.’ – Ian Gibson, TheGoodBookStall

‘aptly named… appeals to all sci-fi buffs as it examines the intersection of Who with theology and society… This thoroughly well researched (unauthorised) book will appeal to thinkers’ – Kingsley Wray, serious4youth ministry, Direction Magazine

‘Science fiction is skilfully weaved with spiritual fact as the writers take us on a journey from Eccleston to Ecclesiastes… Who fans are encouraged to approach faith in an intelligent, informed manner… Back in Time is accessible and well-written, designed to be read by Who aficionados regardless of background. It offers a cringe-free “way in” to the Christian faith, grounded in concepts and language which will be familiar to sci-fi devotees. It’s also a good introduction to Who for anyone wishing to keep abreast of this most contemporary of cultural phenomena.’ – David Giles, Salvation Army

‘written by fans for fans this book… has much to commend it as an application of the Christian mind to contemporary culture. I found plenty of useful material for launching pre-evangelistic conversation with those who share a fascination with the enigmatic Doctor, or science fiction more generally… The conversational and low-cringe style makes it suitable for giving to interested non-Christian friends… succinctly critiques a materialistic worldview with its commitment to science as the key to what we can and cannot know… it offers a winsome and provocative introduction to the Christian worldview. By being grounded in a popular TV show it is on home ground for the science fiction-loving sceptic. I do not hesitate to recommend it as a barrier-breaking appetiser.’ – Hugh Griffin, Evangelicals Now

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