I Wish I Could Believe In Meaning: A Response to Nihilism

Praise for I Wish I Could Believe in Meaning:

‘Wonderfully insightful and encouraging.’ – Angus J. Menuge, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Concordia University, Wisconsin, USA

‘Very well written, it has a powerful (cumulative) argument… I hope it gets a wide circulation.’ – Stuart McAllister, International Director Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

‘a devastating critique of the reductionism of Richard Dawkins. Profound, clear and mind-expanding, I found the chapters on rationality and beauty particularly stimulating’ – Peter May, former Chairman of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship

‘a spirited attack on the supposed sufficiency of ontological (atheistic) naturalism… The obvious philosophical sophistication of the author allows him to weave together arguments from… disparate sources… this is an excellent source book, worth shelf-room, clearly written, with a comprehensive bibliography…’ – Professor Peter Hampton, Head of Psychology at Bristol, UWE in Science & Christian Belief Vol 21, No 1.

‘Easy to read, fantastically informative… highly entertaining… a cogent argument for believing in God and thereby in meaning. He very effectively takes on Richard Dawkins… With considerable style, Williams demonstrates the extent to which naturalism is fatally flawed… a model of contemporary apologetics.’ – Rev’d Dominic Smart, Themelios

‘a carefully reasoned case for a theistic understanding of life as both objectively meaningful, and a better explanation of the “clues” available to us… Williams extracts interesting nuggets of truth from great thinkers of the past and present and compares and contrasts them with familiar scenes from current TV shows and movies to make his points… Those who are looking to move beyond a general introduction to these topics will also find this book invaluable’ – www.arn.org