The Case For Angels

In The Case for Angels, Peter S. Williams employs the resources of contemporary philosophy in defense of a traditional Christian angelology. In discussion with natural skepticism, New Age belief, and Christian doubt, Williams highlights the importance of worldview presuppositions in determining attitudes toward angels, and enlarges upon the culture war emerging between theism and metaphysical naturalism.

Praise for The Case for Angels

‘quadruply outstanding: stylistically, philosophically, theologically, and in scholarship… engagingly readable… persuasively argued… It reminds me of the works of Mortimer Adler and C.S. Lewis in successfully bridging the gap between the scholarly and the popular… Best of all, it gives the reader a deep and wide philosophical and theological education along the way, solving a number of serious current disputes clearly and reasonably… I can hardly imagine what more a book could possibly do to make a compelling and complete case for angels, unless it takes wing.’ – Professor Peter Kreeft, Boston College

‘Williams identifies the key stumbling blocks that render angels implausible to our intellectual elite and successfully refutes them… I commend this book.’ – Dr William A. Dembski

‘a truly impressive and philosophically sophisticated case for the existence of angels and for the accuracy of the biblical portrayal of them.’ – Dr Gregory A. Boyd

‘provides philosophical strength for this apologetic task, in order to answer the questions of the most tough-minded enquirers.’ – Dr Greg Clarke, Director of the Macquarie Christian Studies Institute

‘This is an excellent survey of the topic and will be of value to believer and sceptic alike.’ – Reg Luhman, Faith and Thought

‘I am currently reading your “Angels” book, and it is proving to be a real blessing to me… Thank you so much for sharing the clarity of your bold insights in the book. It’s been a truly heart-warming experience!’ – Alistair Donald, Chaplain at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh








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